An excipient is any substance that is included in the formulation of the medication and acts as a vehicle in conserving or modifying any of its characteristics to favor its efficacy, safety, stability, appearance, or acceptability, and that it by itself lacks a therapeutic effect.
 We, at Grupo Gylsa, S.A de C.V. offer an ample variety of excipients and coutings for your formulation.

We offer an ample gamma of coatings:

  • Dispersible colors with rapid disintegration (Organic Base/ Water Base)
  • Dispersible colors with controlled release (Organic Base/ Water Base)
We, at Grupo Gylsa, S.A. de C.V. offer an ample variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients, which comply with all the specifications our clients require.
Grupo Gylsa offers a new generation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that include Biotech products including Oncologicals and Anti-retroviral.
As an additional service, we also offer research which will aid our customers in finding the APIs that fit their needs or those with a patent soon to expire.
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