A 100% Mexican Company

Importing, commercializing and distributing
raw pharmaceutical materials

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Certified Quality
The products commercialized by Grupo Gylsa comply with both National (COFEPRIS) and International (EUGMP, TGA, CPP, ANVISA) Quality Certifications.
Over A Decade Of Experience
Our company is well established in the market and we have great entrepreneurial spirit, social responsibility enjoy a dynamic way of doing business and providing creative solutions to both our clients and suppliers.
International Standards
Grupo Gylsa has strong and long-term business relationships with API manufacturers in countries like India, China, Italy, USA, Switzerland, and so on.

A Legacy of Excellence

We are a 100% owned and operated Mexican company established on 1997 that started its activities as an Import Warehouse in 2004 in Mexico City. We offer an extensive range of excipients, active pharmaceutical ingredients, direct compressible grade materials and provide productive solutions for the pharmaceutical industry as support in finished product manufacture

We have obtained the highest scores as a supplier and/or distributor by several domestic and international companies by constantly implementing audits to our Quality Management System.

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The Warehouse

Our warehouse has a modern and extensive space, designed to comply with official regulations of Mexican Health Ministry and meets the following standards: NOM-164-SSA1-2015, and NOM-059-SSA1-2015 and ICHQ7A as well as other legal arrangements, as a deposit and distribution warehouse dedicated to the commercialization of pharmaceutical products for the Pharmaceutical Industry and other Industrial sector such as herbal and nutraceuticals, as well as food supplements.

Our personnel is constantly trained in order to have an optimum performance on working activities, fulfilling Good Warehousing Practices, Good Distribution Practices and Good Documentation Practices all in accordance with local and international regulations.


What Distinguishes Us

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Our values consist of continued honesty, trust, respect, individual and collective responsibility, professionalism, and ethics in every aspect of the company.

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To satisfy all the needs of the pharmaceutical community, while offering high-quality products and value-added service to our clients which will continue to provide increasing and sustainable profitability levels; all while providing our employees the opportunity to develop their professional capacities and abilities so that the company grows and each of them grow within it at a personal and professional level.

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To be a leader in the commercialization and development of specialty pharmaceuticals which offer the pharmaceutical sector productive and innovative solutions.

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